, Reseals of Probate or Administration , Reseals of Probate or Administration



When a Grant of Probate (or a Grant of Letters of Administration) is obtained in another Australian State or Territory, it is sometimes necessary to have that Grant “resealed” in Tasmania.

A Grant made overseas may also need to be resealed in Tasmania.

The requirements of the Administration & Probate Act 1935 (Tasmania), the Probate Rules 1936 (Tasmania) and the procedures of the Probate Registry of the Supreme Court of Tasmania must be satisfied to obtain a reseal.

Where an estate has assets located in an overseas jurisdiction, we have the experience and contacts to obtain the necessary reseal or other probate/succession law procedure in that jurisdiction, utilising our network of expert local agents.   Some examples of the countries in which we have done so in recent years include the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Greece.

In many cases where a reseal is required, those administering the estate will be based outside of Tasmania.    We provide a full range of Estate Administration services in those circumstances, so that the Tasmanian aspects of the estate can be properly finalised in accordance with Tasmanian law and practice.

For lawyers outside Tasmania, the benefit of using our services as agent include that our Estate & Trust Administration lawyers are experts in what they do, communicate in a timely and effective way when working with colleagues, and regularly provide agency services to other lawyers with proven results.

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